RP Server w/ Survival, Clan Wars, Kingdoms, Realism, an MORE

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Bowzin started 09/02/2015 10:17 pm
danieldoesstuff replied 09/05/2015 6:06 pm
Today I was thinking about random stuff as I usually do, when I thought of an idea. Now there will be quite a bit of explanation and to really know what an epic adventure this idea may become, reading all of it will be necessary. I will try to shorten it as much as possible anyway.


So seeing as this will be quite a long explanation I thought a nice introduction would be in order. So I will give a description of my idea, leaving out the things I really think will make it fun. For starters, the idea is a pretty simple one, I envision a server with "real life" qualities such as a one life system, no natural regeneration, and, getting a little more in depth here, broken limbs or other medical problems, but that will be another section. Anyway, we will have these "real life" qualities and kinda of let the server run itself. With people fearing dying as it will end their survival on the server forever, stronger players may be able to enslave players or blackmail them into doing things for them. Also, players may start to form governments or kingdoms or all sorts of things and rebellions and such may arise as they should in an RP server. Most of the "rules" will relate to the reality of the server, and other than that, we will let the players run around doing what they wish. Of course, if players would like to form police squads or other things, we for sure will not stop them. Creating their own rules of the server is what is going to make this server so great.

Main Info
My first main topic I want to talk about is the realism of the server. Many qualities I plan to implement into the server include one life, medical problems, such as broken bones, diseases, etc. and no limitations by rules. Of course in any RP server you need jobs and roles and such. In order to implement these, we won't. This part of the RP is all up to the players involved. Creating roles within their kingdoms, towns, and governments will all be up to them.Of course, Minecraft is far from realistic, so things like griefing can only be stopped by plugins, or not stopped at all. Now this may seem like a horrible idea, but griefing will be allowed on our server. The reason for this is that hopefully, if your town/kingdom/whatever is big enough to be griefed and have a major effect, then hopefully you will have a strong protection system comprised of players. If you catch the person griefing or find out their name, arresting them and throwing them in the dungeon will be an option, or of course waging war against their kingdom/clan/whatever(I will call them clans from now on), and kill and grief back. The killing may seem trivial in Factions, but with only one life it has a much larger impact on our server. Now I have drifted all over the place with this explanation so far but hopefully you managed to follow along. Anyway, back on topic, with the clans, alliances and enemies can be formed at your will, but we will not monitor any of this. These are all things that we expect the clans to hold themselves accountable for. Treaties and such can always be formed and pacts between many clans so if one clan breaks it, they have several clans after them. Now some more ideas for clans, your clan can setup their area, and hire workers! They won't be a solid money system because there will be no server shop, but paying with materials or paying with a spared life may convince other players to go deep in the mines or farm up the land for you. With these workers, you build your kingdom, distribution armor, food, weapons, and other resources to your people, keeping the riches for yourself, and all the while preventing rebellions with pure fear of dying and losing their house they have built in your lands. Now, I have covered all I can think of at the moment, but I am sure I will edit this as I go along. Keep reading if you are interested in helping out!

HELP (Many Ways!)
Beta Testing/First Admission
So for our server to start off well, without anyone getting off to too much of a head start and becoming to over powered, we will open the server once we have sizable amount of people ready for server launch. Depending on circumstances, we may or may not need a donation to be one of these players, just so that we can keep our servers up. There will not be donation perks in order to keep the realism effect.
Developers(Website and Plugins)
With such a large project, a website must be in order. Forums for discussion, update notes, all sorts of little bits of information for the new player. All this is needed on a website. Also, MANY MANY MANY Plugins will be needed for this project. So I ask for YOUR help in making this possible. You will all automatically be granted early admission for free, earlier than beta testers get, and may have slight perks to go with it. I cannot promise pay, but if we get enough donations to run a server with a little extra, I might pay you solid amount for your hard work and fantastic help.
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hey, I want to be a admin/head mod in your server, PM me if you want
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