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server staff needed

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created 06/21/2018 7:29 am by wolfnationlegacy
i am looking for a team of staff member dedicated to making a server all it can be.we want to have a team of staff before we get the server so we know we could pull this off.we are mostly looking for a team of adults 18+ but we will think about other age groups depending the rank and maturity level.we all have Skype but also use discord theas are not reqwied unless you are trying to be a builder or admin or developer.we will be making a application for you to respond on right now we will post the basics but depending on the rank you want their may be more questions for that rank.we may update this depending on the applications we get thank you for your time and good luck.

skype/discord if you have one:
in game name:
reason we should chose you:
how would you seltel fights player V player?
how wod you seltle staff fighting?
how would you handle bullying,rasizum,cheating,cursing and ect?
have you been staff on other servers if so list:
have you ever been accused of griefing?
what would you do for a staff member abusing powers?
anything else we should know let us know:

hope to hear from you all soon.
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