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ServerX17's Classic Server - Restore Mods

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created 01/14/2011 5:04 am by systemx17
Quick Overview:
ServerX17 ( ... bfe5bc3e52) runs on fCraft. I have had great success with getting help during development as prior to this I had not touched C#. I have had my /line command added to the SVN which was great, and through my coding I have found a couple of things I would like to be able to do. The videos below are the testing for these new functions. Maybe some of the code will be picked up by fragmer and included in the SVN - but I think he has bigger plans.

Restore a whole world's landscape without affecting builds: ... ats-coming

Restore a selected area of the map to how it was at any point in backups, scrolling forward and backward through time is also possible: ... re-command

If you are interested in more information and further progress updates, please visit

- SystemX17
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