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ShadeCrest SMP Server
About the Server
Shade Crest is a server for everyone! We have a great community and active server staff who keep things running smoothly. Whether you are into building, resource gathering, or hard core pvp, you will find yourself at home here.

About Our Worlds
Main World - This is where our main spawn area is which includes a mall, marketplace, casino, coliseum and other things to do for players.

PvP World - Our PvP world is for those who want a genuine PvP experience, with very little plugin interference. There is no teleporting on this map. No more chasing someone down and them just teleporting away.

Peaceful World - Here you can leave without the fear of getting attacked by other players. You can build in peace living alone, or join a town and help it grow with other residents.

Mining World - This is the only place to get resources on our server. If you need to go mining, this is the place to be. We reset this world as needed to keep the resources from running out.

Creative World - Love building pixel art? This is the place for you!

In addition to the worlds above, we also have a Nether and an Architect's world, where only the best builders on the server are allowed to build.

No matter what you like about Minecraft, you will be able to do it on our server.

Server Specs
We have bought our own server thanks to the donations we have received from our players and it is colocated in Texas.
Intel i7 990x
Solid State Drive
100Mb/s Connection

Although our map has been split into two different ones, it is still dated back to February 2011. We work really hard at keeping everything smooth so we never have to reset our map. We know how hard players work on their creations and homes. If you are wondering if we have the new map features (that came with Minecraft 1.8+ updates), we do, that's exactly why we had split our map.

We also do daily backups each night of the whole server, and keep 2 weeks worth of maps. The backups also get backuped to an external server, to be same.

Server Information
Here are some links where you can find ton's of into about our server.
Our Live Map
Our Server Guide
Our Server Rules
Donation Info

How to Join
I will say it right now, joining our server isn't as easy as joining others. You will actually have to put some effort into applying. This is to weed out all those players who just want to come in and grief, or just be a nuisance in general.

Server Application

Server Screenshots


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