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Shadow Prison - Looking For Builders

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created 12/06/2018 12:41 am by AsuDev
last reply 12/06/2018 3:14 am

Hello, my name is AsuDev and I am a server owner/developer. About 2-3 years ago, my friend and I used to play on a prison server from Arkham network. We played on that server for ages so I decided to try and make something similar to it, and failed miserably. So here I am 2 years later attempting it again, except with a lot of plugin making knowledge.

Currently, the main code for the server is about 90% done and literally about 85% of the server is completely custom coded. Some features I will list here:

- Custom Enchants (All completely 100% custom other than efficiency)

- Backpacks (For tons of extra inventory space when selling)

- Custom Currencies (Tired of seeing the same $ sign every server? Well our server has a custom vault currency that is not $)

- Custom Ranks and Chat

- Tag System (Incredible tag/title system where players can edit the color and format of each letter of a title they have access to)

- Crate System (Uses crazycrates but I made a hook for it that makes it way better)

- Better Enderchest (custom made bank system where players can have 9 pages of 36 slots for storage)

- Plot system (What is a good prison server without plots?)

- And a whole load of other custom stuff that there is too many to list. Above are highlights.

If you would like to check the progress and features of the server with pics and more info, I made a google doc that you can view:

Now for the reason I'm making this post. My friend and I really suck at building so making builds for the server is completely out

the window. For anyone interested in working for this server as a builder, please contact me:

Discord: AsuDev#0714

Only contact me if your interested in helping out with builds. If you would like access to see the current progress of the server, you can also contact me. With access to the server, you are allowed to try out any current feature on the server (including donor features).

For more info on this server and progress, please visit the google docs link I sent above. Also feel free to add me on discord and give me your thoughts or if you have any questions. It would be so much better to show you the work done on the server itself, than putting it in a post.
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12/06/2018 3:14 am
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Discord friend request sent. Feel free to message me and we can talk more.




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