Shogicraft takes the waiting out of wanting.

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engineered on the peak of a mountain, the settlement of Shogicraft is home to night elves lead by Officer Fukuros.
This settlement wasn't built by a mountain by accident, as it has escape routes, which is of great importance to the people of Shogicraft and its success.

The settlement itself looks unexciting. With its half rotten rooftops, rusted walls and overgrown gardens, Shogicraft has a mysterious atmosphere.
The main attraction is the waterfall, which was built 51 years ago and designed by gnomes.

Shogicraft has a wounded economy, which is mainly supported by tailoring, baking and animal breeding. But their biggest strengths are prosperous mining and elaborate beer brewing techniques.
However, Shogicraft lacks people skilled in engineering.

Despite its strengths and weaknesses, Shogicraft is most likely headed towards a beautiful future under the leadership of Officer Fukuros. But this remains to be seen.

Join us today at : play.shogicraft.com
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This is so awesome, thank you so much haha <3

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