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created 04/14/2016 12:32 pm by Yukar9 is an all-out anarchy server. We have only one (enforced) rule, and that is simply: No cheating. Which includes all forms of flymods, xray, spamming and so on. With no map reset since September 2011!

Scamming, embezzling, backstabbing, and everything of the like is completely allowed. While it is allowed, you have to do it all on your own, every player is expected to be capable of defending themselves and gathering necessary items all on their own. Everything (except spawn) is player made, admins will only intervene with cheaters.

We have no ranks, no "donations", no nonsense, and no easymode commands (/kit, /sethome, et.c.) The admins are all mature adults who are experienced in the game. Players will never be banned for anything other than using cheats. We are very stable, having existed contiuously since 2011, so you can be sure that your builds won't be wiped out by any map resets or our server closing down.

We have no worldborder, players are free to travel as far as they want. This combined with the age of the server, means that there are thousands of abandoned bases of all sizes scattered throughout the map for you to explore.

Join us at

The server is hosted in France, and although we don't force people to speak English, it is an English server.
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