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Whats up guys... I am restarting SkillfulPvP, an old server I used to have, and making it bigger, and better.
I am looking for a partner to help me start up the server and to be my Co-Owner, as I am also looking for the rest of my staff line: Dev, Head-Admin, Admin, Jr. Admin, Mod, Helper, and Builder.
I will be looking at applications and replying back quickly as I am now on break from school.
As I am starting this server by myself, I have to port forward and run it from my computer in the beginning, but once we get funds and possible donations from the server, we will be able to get a host.
For applications: I will be reading each one carefully and whoever has the most in-depth application and whoever I believe will be a great partner for me while making this server will be chosen as Co-Owner, and the rest of you can apply for either Dev, Mod, Helper, or Builder and work your way up from there.
-Must be at least 13 years old.
-Must have discord
-Must have past experience with handing a server and managing one.
-Lastly, must have a good attitude and positive intentions
Application: (Copy & Paste)
Time Zone:
Past experience with servers:
Why should you be staff?:
Extra info about yourself(Please fill this in):
IP to the server: SkillfulPvP.servegame.com
Version: 1.8.9
Don't forget to join and check us out!

IP: SkillfulPvP.servegame.com
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