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Sky Lair Factions

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created 06/22/2018 12:25 am by ibscoff11

Hello Minecraft Players,

I am here to introduce a new factions minecraft server to you all known as Sky Lair Factions. Our server offers a variety of additions to traditional faction gameplay enhancing the traditional factions experience. Excluding factions, our server offers a variety of gameplay enhancements such as:
  • Envoys (loot boxes that appear in the pvp arena regularly to be looted by all players)
  • Player Shops (rentable regions in which players can build their own shop to sell items to other players)
  • Server Shop (buy and sell items in our official server shop)
  • Ranks (free ranks which can be purchased with in game currency as well as donor ranks that can be purchased on our website that provide a variety of perks)
  • Obsidian Breaker (obsidian can be destroyed using TNT or creeper explosions)
  • Crates (common, rare and epic crates can be opened using crate keys which our earned through voting and in envoy loot boxes. Crates contain a variety of different rewards)

We are planning to add more features to the server in the future in order to further improve gameplay. Currently, the server is currently in the open beta stages. While we ourselves have tested every aspect of the server to make sure that all plugins run smoothly to provide the best possible experience it is possible that there are a few bugs that we have missed. While unlikely, we encourage players who decide to join Sky Lair Factions to report any glitches, bugs or exploits to a staff member as soon as possible. Reporting bugs will be rewarded with in game rewards. Furthermore, we are open to any suggestions you might have.

We hope that you decide to come and join Sky Lair Factions sometime and if you do decide to do so, here are a few helpful pieces of information you may need.

Minecraft IP Address:


Email: [email protected] <- this email can be used to inform us of any bugs if no staff member is online or if you have any suggestions you would like to submit.

In the near, future we will be opening applications for 1 or 2 moderator staff positions which can be applied for on our website. We wish all future applicants the best of luck.

Hope to see you soon!


Sky Lair Factions Owner
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