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Skyplex Hub [Towny, Custom Hardcore] [Possibly looking for staff]

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created 10/16/2018 12:02 am by Skyplex


Version: 1.12.x

We are a friendly hub server that will promise good staff and hopefully a good time.

Here is the best way for me to describe who we are...

Skyplex is a hub server that currently only has towny on it at the moment but will soon get be incorporating custom game modes for you all to play. We allow all players to come and join us on here and play along side us. We treat everyone with respect as long as you follow the rules and treat us with respect.

Too be included:

- Nexus Factions
- Custom Mini games

For appyling-

What I am looking for:


- Demonstration to me that you can build
- Show enfusiasm
- Stay loyal and consistant
- no begging for op


- Show me what plugins that you have working on
- Show me what you can work with
- You need to have worked with at least one other server
- Show me I can trust you to work on my servers delicate side


- must 14+
- Show me I can trust you
- Show me dedication
- worked on 2 other servers
- Able to tell me what a mod is and would do
- Tell me why you want mod and what you can do to help improve my server

More will be added and we happy to take suggestions at our discord page: r/
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