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Skyverse (Unique Skyblock Server) In Need Of Staff ASAP

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created 02/22/2018 2:16 am by HeyItsSmithOG
last reply 02/26/2018 8:13 pm

Who are we?

Skyverse is a unique skyblock server that strives to be custom and different from all other skyblock servers with different, custom, plugins that change the way you play skyblock entirely.

The team behind all of this is dedicated, focused, driven and self-advocated, however we are looking for more people to bring onto the team who share these similar personality traits! We are looking for 3 Junior Moderators and 5 Helpers (Could be more or less, it’s prone to change)


*14 or older

*Have a functional microphone

*Have discord that you actively use

*Be in our discord server

*Be online 2+ hours daily or 10 hours weekly

*(Optional, but will increase chances) Register on our website

Application Format:

You may either respond with the application format filled out on this thread or PM the format filled out to HeyItsSmith #5357 on discord




How long can you be online for daily:

Are you applying for Jr Moderator or Helper:

Why did you choose Skyverse to apply to:

Why do you want to join the Skyverse staff team:

What differs you from other applicants:

Do you have any experience (If yes, list the servers IPs and for how long you were there):

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Anything else we should know:




Server IP:

Good luck to all applicants, hope to see many new awesome people apply!
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02/26/2018 8:13 pm
Level 1 New Miner
Skyverse is growing, we need staff now more than ever!
02/25/2018 3:32 pm
Level 1 New Miner
Bump! Still searching for more staff
02/22/2018 3:36 am
Level 27 Expert Dragonborn
What is your name (Last, First)?
What is your in-game username?
How old are you?
What time zone do you live in?
Central Canada
Are you multilingual? If so, in what languages?
English and French.
Have you ever been kicked/muted/banned on this server?
At what level would you rate your maturity (10 being most mature)?
6-10 depending on my mood.
How many hours have you spent on this server?
0 so far, going to check it out after this app.
What past experience do you have at being a staff member?
I have done paid builds for servers as well as run my own servers in the past.
I can do everything from building a world to programming plug ins.
What advice would you give to someone who had to deal with someone younger than them?
Calm them down first, be understanding that kids do play this game. Think like a kid.Tell them what they did wrong and figure out a fair consequence.
Are you able to record?
Not currently on this lap top. If I get my desktop back up and running I can steam and record.
Why do you want to be a staff member on this server?
Seems like a cool server.
Why should we accept your application over others?
You shouldn't. I'm not that special.
How many applications have you made before?
Any additional information?
You can view some of my builds/ servers on my pmc profile:
1. You and another player are having fun around the server until a hacker suddenly comes along "bhopping" around you. What would you do?
If I'm in a mod position. I would inform an admin. If I had the power too I would give them a warning and then a temp ban.
Note: You are not staff yet.
2. You are a helper at this point and you are playing with your friend(s) but they ask you to get items for you from creative, what would you say/do?
3. A player is saying someone is hacking while you are online, but you aren't quite sure, what would you do?
Check out said hacker in /vanish or inform someone with console access.
02/24/2018 3:45 pm
Level 1 New Miner
Please use the correct format when applying, I'm aware you used our website format however please use the one provided here




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