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SlashedPVP | Factions | 1.8 | Automatic Drop Parties | McMMO

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Wondermonkeyda started 07/04/2016 6:16 pm
and replied 07/04/2016 6:19 pm

SlashedPVP is a relatively new factions server that is looking for more active players to expand our community. SlashedPVP boasts a wide range of features that will keep any factions player happy, including a shop that features a wide range of items, several plugins to prevent people from cheating on the server, such as our premium anti-cheat and anti x-ray, vote and mystery crates (yes, mystery crate keys are widely available without spending money) and also plugins which add to gameplay, such as McMMO and a custom coded xp system that allows for more experience to be gained when using looting or fortune.

We are currently small, but stick with us, as we hope to carry on growing as we currently are

Our main plugins:
AuctionHouse - Adds an in game GUI for buying and selling items
McMMO - Adds skills such as archery
DropParty - Allows for a drop party every 2 hours
AntiCheat - Prevents hackers
AAC - Automatically bans hackers
Orefuscator - Makes it so you can't see ores when x-raying
CombatTagPlus - Prevents combat loggers
ObsidianBreaker - Makes it so TNT and creeper eggs can break obsidian and bedrock
Votifier - Allows for voting rewards
And more!

Comment your Minecraft name for a special rank that gives you access to an additional daily kit!
Feel free to ask any questions down below!
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07/04/2016 6:19 pm
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