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Slushie Central

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created 08/15/2017 8:20 pm by Demonite
My buddy is starting a Vanilla Minecraft server by the name of "Sluushie Central" which will be Unique and have several options. He owns the Vanilla Server and i own a Modded Minecraft server which are entwined but the Modded Server is NOT available to the public quite yet for i still have some kinks to work out with the compatible plugins, need more Info? join the discord and have a GREAT day! :)

Welcome to Slushie Central! We are a new 16+, 100% vanilla SMP server looking for players to play minecraft with, chill, and make a strong community!

What makes Slushie Central different from other SMPs is that we will have a growing world border at the start of the map, so that we can grow the community and get to know one another before we all go and explore the world alone.

~How to apply~
Well its simple actually, you can either respond with your application below, or you can join or discord server (Address is at the bottom of the post) and you can post your application into the Application channel, just a heads up however, we will respond faster to the applications posted on discord, but we will make sure to check this post multiple times a day.

1) No greifing or stealing
2) No PvP without the consent of the other player
3) No discrimination or racial slurs
3) Respect staff
4) Type "I like memes" in the Anything else part of your application
5) You must be 16+ to join, we don't want no little kiddies running around

Time zone:
Why you want to join:
Anything else?:

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