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Small Server Looking to Grow

submitted 10/04/2017 8:53 pm by RetroDingus
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My name is Jade. I've been running servers for about 4 years now. My most successful server is Green Gem. It has been running off and on for a year and a half. During this time I learned the ups and downs of running a small semi-successful 20+ slot minecraft server. My latest version of Green Gem is brand new and is lacking in the staff department. I'm seeking active players that want to make a fun community. Running things by myself is very tiring. Right now I'm open to all criticism and I'm willing to learn from you. Please help me reach my goal of making Green Gem a fun server to play on for many people.

What is Green Gem?

Green Gem is a Hard-Mode Survival Pvp experience with thirst, diseases, and injuries. You can catch and collect mobs like Pokemon and actually have them fight for you. We use McMMO, MobHunting, Jobs, Zenchantments, Crazy Enchants, Clans, HPRPG, and more! This is truly an original survival experience.

Server IP= greengem.mc.gg

We also have a city we're working on because we use the premium plugin Vehicles which allows the use of cars, motorcycles, tanks, trains, helicopters, planes, and more!

Drop in and message Jade telling him you saw this post.

I'm looking for staff. I'm looking for builders. I'm looking for help.
Thank you for your time.
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10/13/2017 4:11 am
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Our Halloween Event is almost finished! Come check it out!




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