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Small Vanilla SMP Server Looking for Players

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created 02/13/2019 1:20 am by TheHazzaHype
last reply 02/20/2019 5:21 am

We have entered our 6th season of our world, Aldaria, and this time we are starting something new to us.
So far there are 5 small factions, each starting out with a small land area, and only consist of a maximum of 5 people, and a minimum of 3 people, with an appointed leader, who can run the faction however they please. This population is only to start with, any newcomers can join whomever they please after initial setup.

The main objective is world domination, or world peace (However you may wish to call it). Take over an enemy outpost and destroy their flag to conquer it, capturing all of their outposts will gain you control over that faction. It would be smart to think about your attacks, you don’t want to lose everything to your enemy. Alliances are allowed. Keepinventory is off.
Vanilla, no mods, no cheating. Optifine is allowed.

Also, we are playing on 1.13.2.

We are looking for nice people who are willing to join an active community. We can explain more about the server to you when you join our discord, we plan to start in approximately a week or less.
If you are interested, please direct message me here, or on my discord: TheHazzaHype#1714

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02/20/2019 5:21 am
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