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(SMP) Seeking Partnership - I need an admin

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created 02/20/2019 5:41 pm by RealPirate
I've been back to playing Minecraft after some time now and I've always liked the game and the community of players that powers it. Lately, I've had an urge to start a MC server of my own, but I lack many technical abilities that I consider very important for an admin to have. Hear me out...

I can manage the model for how I want my server to work and make other key decisions like how the staff hierarchy will work, in-game rank names, plugin approvals, and other things of that nature. All while still having an appointed server Administrator that oversees the staff and day-to-day operations. I have enough money, not just to start a server, but enough to invest in reliable hosting, future advertising, and other unforeseeable costs. In other words, I'm not shy about investing in something if we need to.

What I'm looking for is someone that has the time to run a server with me as an Administrator that would also qualify as a Developer. We can get into the details later on.

Discord; pirate#2172
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