SMP still opened feel free to join

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Pig and Slime Youtube started 5/15/21 9:27 am
and replied 5/15/2021 9:30 am
Hello. Please note this is not my server I am about to advertise it's one I play on and would like having more people on.

This smp is called the Doggo Smp. It is semi Anarchy and also semi Vanilla. There is no /wild or /rtp meaning yes you'll have to run to find a base. Griefing an raiding are allowed. The only one main rule is don't hack or xray. (Btw there is a anti x-ray but you get the point.) There are a few custom plugins such as a few extra structures, some custom enchants with super op ones disabled. You are also able to form clans but once again do this at your own risk. Tp trapping is allowed so be careful who you tp to. It doesn't lag very much and there aren't annoying commands that clear dropped items every 5 minutes. Only thing to prevent lag is server shutting down randomly at like 3 am and is back up withen minutes. With that being said if you want to join the Ip is this:
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Pig and Slime Youtube
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05/15/2021 9:30 am
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Pig and Slime Youtube
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forgot to mention this but there is a discord
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