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██▓▒░ SOLARCRAFT ░▒▓██ | Looking For Staff

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created 04/23/2019 8:45 am by Turpster01
last reply 04/23/2019 9:27 am


Solarcraft is an OP Prison server featured in space. The server include levels and prestige along with planned custom items such as Space Helmets.

Solarcraft is revamping it's old servers that have not be active since August the 16th of 2015.

I will update this thread when we no longer need staff for certain positions with the colors below:


We need builders to build mines A to Z.
You may need to build something within the server to get a better understanding of your skills.

Moderation Team

We need a moderation team to moderate the server.

All staff who join the moderation team become Moderator Mk.1 and get promotions throughout the stages.

Depending on the application, due to circumstances that the server is starting, it is possible to start off with a higher role then Moderator Mk.1.

Moderator Role

The moderator includes two levels which I label Mk.1 and Mk.2


Mk.1 includes basic permissions but not enough to make substantial changes to the server.


Mk.2 has more permissions then Mk.1 that could be used to make substantial changes under administration.

Administrator Role

The administrator role has all permissions and is the higher command of all Moderator roles

Co-Owner Role

Assistant Owner role, has control of the server as much as the Owner does.

Owner Role

The owner calls the shots, ofc

How to apply

Currently, the only way to apply an 'application' is to message me on discord, we will have a basic text interview.
Discord: Turpster#6772
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Level 5 : Apprentice Miner

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04/23/2019 9:27 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
The server is cracked or premium?

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