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Square One [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{Whitelist}{Adult Community}

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created 09/02/2016 6:45 pm by Square One SMP
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Square One is a private, whitelisted server. We are focused on a relaxing atmosphere for our adult gaming community. We have a few minor twists to our vanilla survival server to keep the magic alive. Our members support each other and rally together to bring the best experiences forward.
Square One - Where Memories Are Made


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Apply here: Application

Our offer: “The Main Event”
- Our server is reliably hosted by Sticky Piston in France.
- We run Spigot with a few plugins to keep performance levels high. However:
- We maintain a vanilla environment with small twists. Nothing changes the vanilla gameplay.
- The current world border is 8k by 8k with the ability to expand when appropriate.
- Spawn has been developed by the community to include crop and animal farms, shops, games and other community builds. Plenty of room for more spawn houses!
- Our stunning Nether hub is waiting for new connections to be made.

Our offer: “The Extras”
- The above mentioned survival server.
- A creative server to plan your builds.
- A Discord server for chat and voice. The in-game server chats are integrated in their own respective channels.
- Our forum hosts our rules, some screenshots and more lengthy conversations.
- We have bi-weekly event/mini game days every other Sunday for those interested.
- On top of the above we have Dynmap, Twitter, Patreon, a Beam team, a Steam group and a Dubtrack channel.

Our offer: “The Community”
- Available to you will be guidance and support from five admins.
- As well as more assistance and a relaxed feeling of welcome from the current members of the community.
- There is zero drama over hierarchy/roles/titles.
- Around 15 members log in regularly at the time of this post. A handful more come and go as inspiration allows.
- As in all things, we value quality over quantity and aim to add fresh faces to our group while keeping the peaceful, warm atmosphere that we already have.
- There is open communication between all members on Discord, the forum and in game.
- We consist of members from all over the globe.
- The map has plenty of room to explore and build. It has been up since March 5th and a reset is not planned any time soon.

Your offer: “On the Table”
- We expect you to be able to follow the basic rules and guidelines that are set.
- You see it everywhere. Respect others. No griefing, cheating, etc.
- While ages vary between our members, we consider ourselves an adult community and expect a certain maturity to be demonstrated by our members.
- That being said, being a goofball is fun too! And that’s okay.
- Most communication happens in Discord, but check out the forums at least once to review the rules.
- YouTubers and streamers are welcome. We have a few to collab with and a Beam Team.
- Not great a builder? Practise on creative! Redstone problems bugging you? Reach out to our resident experts. Have basic questions or new to the game? That’s great, we’ll help you on your way! We accept folks from all skill levels to join us.

Apply here: Application

We will email successful applicants at the email provided in their application form. If possible, we will also try to respond to unsuccessful applicants as a courtesy. Please remember to check your email occasionally after applying!
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