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[SS] Simplistic Survival - AntiGrief - AntiCheat - No lag!

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created 12/07/2018 12:36 am by WilliamJSimmons

      [SS] Simplistic Survival
               Pure Survival Semi-Vanilla

  Welcome to Simplistic Survival, aka [SS], the last server you'll load on your list!
Simplistic Survival is based around the old Minecraft, when players built communities and respected each other's builds. Members would trade and progress together instead of constant battling and destruction.

  Our server provides full Grief Protection, Rollback's, and Anti-hack software so you don't have to worry about player's destroying your freshly built Stone brick Castle!

  With Allocated 4GB DDR3 ECC Dedicated RAM, Dual Xeon E5-2620 Processors, Samsung SSD's, and 1Gb Blended Fiber connections; you can enjoy Minecraft at a constant 20TPS!

                TPS and Ram

  Our server gives you a bunch of gameplay features and we're not even done developing! Fully loaded with mcMMO, ChestShop, Salary, BuildPortals, Auctions, FoundBoxx, RandomTP, and many more!

  The goal of mcMMO is to take core Minecraft game mechanics and expand them into add an extensive and quality RPG experience. Everything in mcMMO has been carefully thought out and is constantly being improved upon. Currently, mcMMO adds fourteen unique skills to train and level in. Each of these skills is highly customizable through our configuration files, allowing server admins to tweak mcMMO to best suit the needs of his or her server. Know that the mcMMO team is dedicated to providing an ever-evolving experience, and that we carefully read all feedback and bug reports in order to evaluate and balance the mechanics of mcMMO in every update.

  Allows managing of salaries.
Online players get paid their salaries every set amount of time (every 40m).

  Player buildable multi-world portals without using commands, simply build a portal out of Emerald and layer the bottom block with redstone block's.

  Auctions is a Spigot plugin that allows players on your server to put up items for sale and have other users place bids to win the item. This plugin utilizes the fanciful library to provide tool tips that show the items information rather than having the chat barraged with text-form item information.

  Announces ore finds.

  Random TP
is a plugin that allows you to teleport to a random location throughout specified coordinates. As of now, you will only be teleported from 1 to 5,000.

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