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created 07/12/2019 12:55 am by VoidPaper history
I wanna create a big new Server with you ! What im looking for are some good builders for the beginning! If you want to build a server from 0% to 100% then you are at the right spot. What also would be great are Dev´s that knows what they´re doing! That should be enough for the beginning!

What i want the server to look like:

-I want to let people build their own kingdoms. I think thats a pretty good Plugin (Towny). Player love to build their own City + they also get rent from other players. Overall, love that plugin gonna be included!

We have to give the players goals they wanna reach! The server gonna
have diffrent jobs with diffrent task. Jobs should be fun to lvl up + it
should be rewarded if people invest their time into it. Jobs also will
give player special commands like: lvl 100 Smith can use command /repair.

Something that we need included, but why? People love to have goals to
reach! Ranks will for sure give people new commands or usefull stuff
what they would like to have.

-Economy: Economy is really important because if the economy is thrash = server thrash. We have to think about everything like: How
can the player earn money? What will he do with his money? Do we have enough
diffrent things that players can earn money from? How long will it take
untill someone reaches endgame
? Thats the questions we need to talk about!

What we need:
2x Builder
2x Mods
1x Dev (Optional)
3x Helper

It will have one Big Spawn area + Admin shop.

Of course we gonna do much more for the
server. Thats not really much i wrote here, if we start this we get into
alot of work together!

If you think you can help to build a good server, get in contact with me.

Add me on Skype for better conversations and question you guys may have!

Or Join my discord: https://discord.gg/ZuRHMsS
Discord name: Fairy Tail#6445

Skype: Void Paper

(Picture is a guy with a guitar in his hand)
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