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Rubies world INC started 09/07/2015 5:25 pm
340enticer1 replied 09/07/2015 5:49 pm
So lemme get this:
I'm looking for staff for a upcoming server.
It has:
And Economy,
And also survival world.
I just need staff!

=-=-=-= Join ingame to apply! Thank you! =-=-=-=-=

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Rubies world INC
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09/07/2015 5:49 pm
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Ign 340enticer
Real Name Sam
Contact info SamDietz1000@gmail.com
Age 14
Im am mature When It comes to Important things, But yes I do fool around sometimes.
Im Would like the admin ranks because, I love to help out with thing. I just love the game itself, I have guided 1 modded on 1, and am admin on 1.
I am a helpful guy, I know how to build and use Commands. I will help your server a lot if you decide to Accept me.
09/07/2015 5:43 pm
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ip problem..? xD
09/07/2015 5:40 pm
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Rubies world INC
09/07/2015 5:38 pm
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Real Name:Keegan
No Skype Gmail:KeeganWallis05@gmail.com
Experience:I Can Config Plugins I Do It When Im Bored So I Do It Alot And Im Very Good At It I Can Do Group Manager For U And I Can Make This Server A Better Place To Be A Circle Not A Square I Swear I Wont Abuse OP Permissions And All That Stuff I Swear On My Life I Will Try To Get On Everyday And Check On The Server Welcome And Answer Questions Immediatly If Im Not Busy.
What position are you aiming for?
Preferably Dev, though, I would take a lower ranked position if offered.


Maturity Level
6.5/10: I love the common jokes, I have fun with what I do, I curse, and do a lot of stupid things, though I am serious when the matter requires me to do so.

Why should we accept you?
I love the minecraft community, even though it is harsh at times and I am harsh at it sometimes, but I still enjoy helping it. I like building creations for the good of the community and for my own enjoyment. I don't rage, if I were to leave, I would say my goodbyes and demote myself, not blow the server up first, and I see myself as a good member of your team.

Previous experience?
I have been staff on a few of my friends server and I had a admin position on GlowstoneCraft, a 30 slot public server hosted by CreeperHost in the UK. It was successful and had alot of players per day, but I didn't like the way the owners were treating the problems (letting the the staff members do all the work and then having them take all the credit) and I didn't like the fact that the chose the worst staff members possible, almost of all of them corrupt. I was also a Mod on MelonCraft, a small 15 slot which usually had 9 users on avg. and 1-2 staff on at one time. It was a fun community but was shut down do to lake of time and lack of good staff (most of them were leaving because they wanted to become staff on a bigger server and they couldn't picture the server growing)

Any additional info?
I live in a small town in Arkansas, USA. I have been playing since late alpha and have been going multiplayer servers in early-mid beta.

Coming from a previous admin, staff member, and server owner,
I Hope this helped,
09/07/2015 5:41 pm
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Rubies world INC
Erm.. Just join the server ip We'll discuss it..
09/07/2015 5:35 pm
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IP doesnt work
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