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Staff Needed. Especially builders! Payment Involved!

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created 04/16/2019 2:12 am by pigman404
Hey everyone, hopefully adding the words Payment Involved caught some intention. :) My name is Andrew and I am Owner of Spirit Realm; a factions minecraft server which isn't making it big for some reason and I think it is due to the lack of upkeep along with no new player flow. Currently the server is working under the factions group but not for long! The server is branching away from Factions for development time and putting time into Prison. We have an amazing spawn due to Odyssey Builds but lack the rest of the Prison requirements. So the server needs staff to get things moving into gear. Builders will be paid through PayPal on completion of their assignment and other staff ranks will be paid on completion of their own projects as well. Like said Builders are what we are mainly looking for so feel free to message me or reach out to me in some way over discord (On my PMC account) or PMC message.... something! If you are interested then don't be a fool and let this slide by! If applying for builder please leave some sort of portfolio in the message area on whichever system you are using to message me. Thank you

Owner of Spirit Realm

Feel free to check out the factions portion of the server!

You have until 05/17/2019 2:12 am to cast your vote.

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