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Staffs Needed for a New Server

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created 01/20/2018 11:10 am by x3me_joson
last reply 01/22/2018 8:37 am

Hello. I am x3me_joson and I am starting a brand new Minecraft Server .

If you are interested there is an application below. The list is NOT in an order of most needed to least needed.

[Server type has yet to be decided! Once we have more staff the higher ranked staff will come together and choose!]

Current Ranks Needed Are [Not in specific order]

Head Admin


Head Developer


Plugin Manager

Community Manager

Staff Manager

Head Moderator



Head Builder


YouTuber (Must have subs, this is strictly for promoting our server later on)

NOTE: You can send your app on the PMC post. Also you must have a nice application.

Here is the application

1) IGN:

2) Age:

3) Timezone:

4) Position/Rank Applying For:

5) Why Should You Have This Rank:

6) How Long Have You Played Minecraft:

7) Previous Experience:

8) Skype or Discord (If you have it):

9) Do you prefer to work as a Team or Solo:

10) Extra/Other:

11) Questions/Concerns you have:


IP: Will be given to you if you are accepted as it is only open for workers/staff currently! If you want access to it to APPLY on the server please message me VIA Skype or on PMC.

If you want to contact me VIA Discord: x3me_joson#6658

[Please do not ask for high ranks if your app isn't going to reflect you deserve it]

[NOTE: Just because you are the first to apply for a rank does not mean you instantly get it]

FINAL NOTE: Please do not apply for a rank if you are going to give us a half done app that doesn't show us that you should be chosen for it. Don't apply for a rank with an app that's basically one worded answers to the questions and such.
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Level 1 : New Miner

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01/22/2018 8:37 am
Level 1 : New Miner
1) IGN: casper2oo1

2) Age: 16

3) Timezone: Pacific DAylight

4) Position/Rank Applying For: Admin

5) Why Should You Have This Rank: I have a significant amount o experience as admin, if i get the position then this will be my 8th time i think as an admin on a server.

6) How Long Have You Played Minecraft: A long time, maybe 5-6 years

7) Previous Experience: as i said above, i have alot of admin exp on small/new servers

8) Skype or Discord (If you have it): Casper2oo1#3596

9) Do you prefer to work as a Team or Solo: I prefer solo but only because i get things done faster that way, however, i work just as well in a team.

10) Extra/Other: Any position on the moderator / admin team would be nice, but id prefer a position where i can help people more than just verbally, like if they need help with idk, say a block is gliched and i need to go into gmc to break it, etc you get the idea.

11) Questions/Concerns you have: Id like to know how active you'd prefer a staff member to be.
01/21/2018 7:59 am
Level 1 : New Miner
This is a similar application I've made so I'll just put it here
1) IGN: sianmccc

2) Age: 16

3) Timezone: UK

4) Maturity (Out Of 10): Definitely 10.

5) Position/Rank Applying For: I have owned a very successful server in the past therefore I am capable of doing any of the top positions.

6) Why Should You Have This Rank: I have got a lot of experience in minecraft and server development and I think you could use my help.

7) How Long Have You Played Minecraft: Since I was 11 so more than 5 years!

8) Previous Experience: Owned a server for 2 years until my exams came around. Have helped 2 friends develop their servers (FireShot, and Slink1357) I've been moderator once but I actually find it quite fun! Aha

9) Skype or Discord (If you have it): sianmccc on discord

10) Strengths AND Weaknesses: I build all the time in my spare time and get on well with people via minecraft chat.
Weaknesses if I can only play from 3pm to 10pm. UK times

11) Do you prefer to work as a Team or Solo: I like working on team projects but when it comes to building I have very specific ideas and like to do it on my own.

12) Extra/Other: I have a lot of knowledge on plug-ins if you don't need anymore staff feel free to dm me for help,

13) Questions/Concerns you have: Nothing!




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