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Steps Players can take to Protect Themselves in a Vanilla SMP

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created 05/02/2018 11:28 pm by Hidiety
last reply 05/03/2018 8:12 am
Hi there, thanks for reading. I am in the process of putting together a rule book / guide for players to have on my server. One of the rules on the server is, no griefing, raiding, or stealing. I want to include some advice in this section that players can use to protect their bases and precious items. I have suggested that players use an Ender Chest or keep their valuables in their inventories to hide them from thieves. I also recommended that when players find a spot for a permanent base, they choose a location that is at least 10,000 overworld blocks from spawn. This got me thinking about other ways people might use to protect themselves on a vanilla server.
So here I am, asking all of you, what steps you take when playing SMP to not get griefed or raided?

(shameless plug incoming) if anyone is interested in joining the server you can find us at, We are still under construction, so some things are not fully developed quite yet but new things are being added almost daily.
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05/03/2018 8:12 am
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I suggest to my players to do as you said, find a place far away from warps and spawn points but also to conceal their bases, make them underground and several layers thick so they cannot easily be found.

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