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Streamer/Youtuber Needed! Arg. Skies!

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created 12/30/2014 10:55 pm by VahallaServers
Hello users of PMC. We are Valhalla Servers. We have recently revamped and are growing quickly. We are looking for a Youtuber or streamer (twitch etc.) to film videos on our server. Our server is Argarian Skies and we are planning on adding more servers in the future. This is a win win for both us and you because not only do we get the publicity from you, but also you get a free rank and publicity from us. There are certain conditions and an application you must fill out, but if you are interested in this position we would love to add you to the Qorcraft team!

Conditions *recommened

1. Will be willing to put Qorcraft's ip and a short description about us in your videos.

2. You are consistent with your videos.

3. You are on a popular, easy-to-use video site.

4. *You have about 20 veiwers/subscribers to your videos.

5. You have filled out the application and are a member on our website.

We are excited to have new people to the Valhalla team so if you have any questions or are interested write below!
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