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This is a no-grief PvP enabled freebuild server!

We have mcMMO, Parkour, Spleef, PvP arena, Pets, Gadgets, Particles and a massive world to build whatever you want!



The objective of this server is to mine and collect resources and sell them at the server shop, when you save enough money you can use the money to buy in-game ranks and MysteryBoxes! The server has a grief-prevention plugin in which the player can claim his or her land to prevent griefing and unwanted guests. They can add other players to their land so they can build together.


mcMMO: Very comprehensive MMO/RPG plugin that rewards you for skills like mining, archery, swords, axes, etc.

GriefPrevention: Protect all of your items with this amazing plugin! You are able to create your own claims and trust/untrust people at will. This ensures you're not griefed or stolen from.

Bounties: Set a bounty on a friend or foe that it rewarded to other players when they kill them!

Parkour: try to conquer the parkour course at spawn! Within this plugin you can set a record and challenge your friends to beat yours!

Spleef: Join the other players in epic spleef battles! We have a two-level spleef arena, it's awesome!

Gadgets: Use many of the unlockable gadgets all over the world to your advantage!

Pets: Use many of the unlockable pets!

MysteryBoxes: Buy these at spawn and open them for a chance to unlock some awesome gadgets!


The ranks we have to offer which are buyable with in-game currency are:
- Builder+
- Architect
- Veteran
- Legend.

Each of them offer in game perks including:

Builder+: Different name tag in chat, /kit Builder+
Architect: /Kit Architect and access to the Creative Plot World!
Legend: /Kit Legend which contains Elytra for flying!


IP: mc.SurvivalCraft.online


We hope to see you on the server!
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UPDATE: Changed the parkour to be more difficult!




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