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SyncCraft 24/7 Survival | Mob Arena | Grief Prevention |

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created 10/20/2012 5:01 am by Ashh_xD


About the Server:

SyncCraft is a 24/7 Survival server with friendly players and helpful admins looking to recruit regular new members to help populate the server.

Here at SyncCraft, we have tried to keep the game as close to Single Player Survival as we can, just with more players. By this we mean that there are no game-altering plugins, just plugins that extend to the Single Player experience, resulting in a great game play experience for all of our players.

1) No griefing.
2) PVP is toggled by the player with one command, do not complain about any items lost during PVP.
3) Respect all players and staff.
4) No bad language.
5) No spamming the chat.
6) Don't claim buildings you don't own.
7) Don't advertise other servers.
8) Don't ask staff to spawn in items, experience or anything else.
9) Always protect your creations.
10) Do not steal at any time.
11) Do not use x-ray mod or x-ray texture packs and/or hacked clients.
12) No traps that will result in players dying.
13) No chatting with caps.
14) Do not claim to be or impersonate a member of staff.
15) No drama.

Some of our plugins include:

Chest Shop - Brings a real life economy feel to the server, allowing players to buy and sell items with Coins earned in game.
Economy - Brings Coins into the game, allowing us to have an Economy.
xTeam- Allows players to create their own teams so they can work together. (Sort of like factions, but with just the team, and not the rest of it).
PVPToggle - Allows players to enable/disable PVP for themselves with one simple command.
Mob Arena - Allows players to team up to fight off wave after wave of mobs in the arena that we have created.
Essentials - Well.. As the name suggests, it's essential, bringing the players the valuable commands needed.
MoneyDrop - Get money for killing mobs and other players.
GriefPrevention - A player-friendly, easy to use plugin to protect chosen areas from being griefed as it will only be you allowed to do things inside it.
LogBlock - So we can rollback any griefing that happens if any areas are not claimed using Grief Prevention.

Please note, that we do have many more plugins than listed, these are just a few. All of our plugins are installed on the server to give the best possible gaming experience, while still keeping the server absolutely lag-free.
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