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Talented builder but always alone? Apply to build with me on the server.

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created 09/13/2018 5:30 pm by Dwellur
last reply 09/16/2018 10:34 pm
DISCLAIMER: This is all revolving around a multiplayer survival server that has yet to be released or marketed (whitelist). The focus HERE is to find a talented couple of builders that have nothing going on inside Minecraft and are looking to work with/under another project leader on what will potentially be a fantastic project. I am not a MASTER builder but I feel incredibly comfortable with my idea, vision, and ability to make that happen.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL: I'm willing to take on builders that consider themselves comfortable with smaller projects or singular structures but have been looking to work on larger and larger things, potentially with others. There are lots of you out there like this and a team often only requires a producer or leader to make it happen so I'm hoping to fill that role. I'm truly passionate about community work and my ideas so if you are too then keep reading :3

With that out of the way here's a quick overview of what I'm basically looking for. Give it a glance and if you don't feel like the right fit then you won't have to waste time reading anything afterwards:

Building Expectations
Ideally 3-6 months or so experience building & playing the game. This isn't CRUCIAL but I feel as though this amount of time is enough for anyone to get comfortable with the basics of building both cosmetically and, because you have played the game, functionally as well.

Experience with more than one build style would be very nice. It's too easy to slip into a comfort zone with one particular style and when you do so you often can get used to a particular set of blocks or ways of using them. It's not important that you know multiple styles (I'm no master genius myself) but more that you are able to step branch off and experiment with things for better results.

Ability to visualize and plan what they are doing. This doesn't mean you shouldn't try things without planning but when you are creating pieces to go together or sets, or giant structures this skill becomes incredibly needed.

Willingness to redo things and take direction. We've all finished a section of something only to find we don't like it and while sometimes a break is simply needed more often then not you didn't like it because it actually COULD be better. If you can see that, and attempt to make it better or learn how to, that would be fantastic :3

The Commitment
I do not expect anyone to take this on as a major life investment or job, that's my responsibility. I do however expect a bit of the following, if you really want to be a builder on the crew these should not be difficult:

◊ Time. School and work come first but you should still be able to commit a certain amount of hours/day or days/week to your projects. Remember we are ideally all doing this because we love it.. An hour or two a day at least a few times week I think is the bare minimum we can expect right now for a core build team member.

◊ Respect. This is a pretty important one. It shouldn't ever be a problem but overall respect for the other builders, what they are building, and how they are building it. Even when we are ALL working together there is really only two people that should be saying anything "negative" about a build/section. The person building it and Me. :P
Don't worry though, I do not talk poorly about builders. My only aim is to create something wonderful and improve all of ours skills. I do not imagine there will be issues between builders but if drama should arise I ask for the sake of all that I help settle it or it gets "left at the door" Drama takes away from focus and leaves everyone sour.

◊ Communication! This is the last serious thing, but if you are UNABLE to finish a build for one reason or another, If you are going to have to be gone for a few weeks (a day or so doesn't count) due to some unforeseen event, If you've decided something looks like trash or you don't like where things are headed, or you've just gone lazy. PLEASE, Tell someone. We're very understanding and hold no grudges but above all else don't leave us hanging without telling us first. Someone is always willing to help or finish. It's the most appreciated thing you can do and highly respectable! :D
GENERAL Projects
Hopefully this can give you a bit of insight into what we might be starting. There are LOTS of things from small to big in varying styles , most of which I already have the loose ideas for but even the most basic qualified builder here should be able to find and be a part of something they would like to. You can think of these as the basics:

◊Towns and Cities. We've got a couple of server towns/cities to create. Each of these will involve a different palette and style that we create and will be incorporating into a variety of server related things. You can expect smaller and larger homes as if for NPCS, a couple of unique builds at each, and the general accompanying things those areas might specialize in or have.

◊Arenas. I'll say this before I go any further, I HATE the way most players build arenas. A circle with two details is the laziest thing I seem to see over and over again and those people should be shamed. :D lol. I kid, mostly. They should be treated like maps though. It doesn't matter if its for 1v1 or Zombies or anything really. We will be having a large number of these for multiple different reasons and I'd like for each of them to have it's own feel. I've got a ton of things to work off of so this will be a constant project.

◊Dungeons. Now you may be saying "But Dwellur, I thought you said you don't need help designing mechanics or anything" :P I'm looking for my dungeons to be played best with 1-4 players together and because of this I need them to be pretty big. This means creating a lore or story behind these large exploring areas and thus I need the cosmetics to match. I'm very much open to the ideas besides mine on these.

◊Points of Interests. Last but not least for the general nonspecific builds are best described as Points of Interest. These are where the more specialized builders will most likely end up shining as these are mostly going to revolve around specific builds. If for say a dungeon was started at the bottom of a mountain and had you find your way to the top where a grand castle was, this would be the point of interest. The thing that catches the eye or is the main juicy part of an area to explore on the server will be these. I won't discuss them here, and I'm open to ideas once you have a better understanding but there are an insane amount of specific Points of interests already road mapped out and these will probably be the more fun creations and if I'm being honest the most appreciated/seen

There's always more... :D

The Basic Application: (Because you know, I have to)
Name (Preference): I don't care if this is your nickname, Minecraft name, or real. Gimme something

How long have you been building? Number number number number number

Do you have any favorite or preferred styles?

Can you provide some previous or recent examples of work before trying out on the server?

Are you a joyless robot person? Beep

Age: I don't TECHNICALLY have an age limit, though I would rather work without too different of my age. If you prefer you can use 12-16, 17-20, 20+ I just want to know how serious or in control of your own schedule I can actually expect you to be. :P

Do you have a favorite Builder/Team, Server, or Youtuber related to Minecraft?

Have you used build tools like WorldEdit, VoxelSniper, Etc? While this isn't crucial, and at the time of this post Voxelsniper isn't stable yet, the more experienced of you builders will most likely want access to world edit and the basic knowledge of it is a requirement :P

Why are you interested? Tell me why! Do it! Tell me!

What kinds of ideas do you have/What build ideas interested you most? If you want to know more about the SPECIFIC unique builds and what they are to be used for please have a direct conversation with me via my discord or my personal account here on PMC :3

Double checking on the joyless robot question: Boop.

If you've read through all of this and answered my questions then you are already clearly somewhat committed to the idea and we appreciate that! Start up a discussion with me here in the comments about building, OR send me a copy of your application privately either here or on discord @ Dwellur#9937

Here is a song while you read or apply :P

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Level 4 : Apprentice Architect

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09/16/2018 4:57 pm
Level 1 New Crafter
Name (Preference): Griytz

How long have you been building? Around 2014

Do you have any favorite or preferred styles? Modern, Futuristic, and Suburbia is were I am best at but, I can show a nice rustic or medieval build.

Can you provide some previous or recent examples of work before trying out on the server? I've built around 4 map-or-two- towns since August 2018, I've worked on spawns for many servers this Summer

Are you a joyless robot person? You're a wizard Harry! A what?

Age: 13

Do you have a favorite Builder/Team, Server, or Youtuber related to Minecraft? No

Have you used build tools like WorldEdit, VoxelSniper, Etc? I've used VoxelSniper twice, and I'm familiar with WorldEdit and other plugins

Why are you interested? Working with a group of people on the things I love to do

What kinds of ideas do you have/What build ideas interested you most? I like building suburbs, downtown, and futuristic towns
Double checking on the joyless robot question: Hey Jude, don't make it bad... take a sad song, and make it better...

If you're interested, DM me with Griytz
#8518 If not, I'll still be welcome to help you with anything. ; D
09/16/2018 10:34 pm
Level 1 New Crafter
09/16/2018 4:31 pm
Level 1 New Crafter
Name (Preference): Cædmon

How long have you been building? For 4 years since I got Minecraft in 2014.

Do you have any favorite or preferred styles? Modern style tends to be where I shine, but I'm proficient in most styles.

Can you provide some previous or recent examples of work before trying out on the server?
I used to have a buildteam called Brickworks. I also was a builder on a server called MCDreams and the head builder on a server called CreeperWorldMC. Both servers have shut down unfortunately.
I build often in creative servers though.

here's some of my fave builds I have made: imgur.com/a/kQrVy2f

Are you a joyless robot person? Isn't life just a big stage production where we are all joyless robots playing out a violent, dark story?

Age: Thirteen.

Do you have a favorite Builder/Team, Server, or Youtuber related to Minecraft?
I don't really haha.

Have you used build tools like WorldEdit, VoxelSniper, Etc? Yes. I mainly have used WorldEdit, FastAsyncWorldEdit (a W/E addon), and GoBrush (a plugin like voxelsniper). I'm very experienced with using those three tools.

Why are you interested? I really wanna get to know some people on Minecraft and help out with my building skills!

What kinds of ideas do you have/What build ideas interested you most? I like terraforming and making buildings. I also really enjoy landscaping

You can contact me on Discord where I'm much more active, my username and ID is huggable💕#2529. Or I'll try to check PMC.
09/16/2018 11:24 am
Level 1 New Miner
Hi, I'll be happy to build
my best builds
09/16/2018 11:29 am
Level 4 Apprentice Architect
If you use discord message me :P
09/14/2018 6:11 am
Level 14 Journeyman Network
09/14/2018 6:14 am
Level 4 Apprentice Architect
Thank you! You're the Emvp!

MAN, that's a bad pun. Sorry.
09/14/2018 6:07 am
Level 2 Apprentice Explorer
cool! em!
09/14/2018 6:15 am
Level 4 Apprentice Architect
Thank you Shinigami! If you ever have friends or know anyone that is looking to be a part of a team send them my way! :D
09/14/2018 5:38 am
Level 1 New Network
I just wanted to hit you up with a reply

Here is your "em"
09/14/2018 6:15 am
Level 4 Apprentice Architect
Thanks guys xD I don't normally ask for them but I wanted this to be seen
09/14/2018 6:10 am
Level 4 Apprentice Architect
Appreciated. We'll most likely start uploading pictures and what not to my page so even if you are just curious, there should be content soon <3




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