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✪TalentPvP ✪Hiring staff with creativity ✪3 Slots Open ✪Custom HCF✪

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created 09/16/2017 11:54 am by Amanthemoneyman

Who are we?
TalentPvP is one of my ideas of taking a well known game mode and mixing in mine and others creative ideas to create something that will attract new members and keep them intrigued with what will be added next. TalentPvP is a soon-to-be HCF server containing many new ideas while also listening to the community's input.

What are we looking for?
At the moment TalentPvP is looking for creative staff members who are able to easily work along side with me and the co-owner. These staff members will need to be of age 14+ to weed out the more immature players. These staff, until proven trustworthy will all hold the helper rank until we 100% know you have good judgment and morale.
What is the application format?
There will be no format required. All that you must know is that the more personality that is shown through your application and the more useful information that is provided the better chance you have of joining our team. Remember even after being accepted we still will have the ability to remove you if you don't show maturity and good judgment, other reasons for removal can and will be used if necessary.

I don't think I have what it takes but I still want to be apart of this!
If this is you join the TalentPvP discord :
This can get you a chance to become one of the 10 beta testers that will have early access to the server (Up to 3 weeks) and will also be provided rewards for their efforts in providing well-structured feedback
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