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\\ -- Tango Gamers -- New Clan -- //

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HarrisonSJB started 11/24/2014 1:25 pm
Tango Gamers

The community that brings gamers together. Where friendships are created.[/center]

[center][b]Do you game alone? None of your friends at school play PC games? You can join Tango Gamers! Here, we accept anybody, no matter how many friends you play with, no matter what games you own - we are always looking for new members of Tango Gamers.[/b]

If you would like to join, you must first get Team Speak 3. An application that's just like Skype, but a lot better than Skype. It allows us to communicate with you, whether or not you've got a microphone! You then must connect to [b][/b].

[b][u]Why did I create Tango Gamers?[/u][/b]

It's always been a dream of mine to own a large community, and be the reason people come together as friends, game together, game with us, with Tango Gamers.
So if you could help that dream come true, I'll be most grateful.
I don't expect TG to get big anytime soon, but with your help, it might just become what I've always wanted it to become.

[i]Thanks for reading.[/center][/i]
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