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The Atlas Project | 1.12.2 | Custom Terrain | Nations | Magic | Quests | Economy |

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World of Atlas
Welcome to the Atlas Project, an immersive, new Minecraft experience
Players find themselves as refugees from their ruined worlds, arriving in the world of Atlas just in time to see the resurgence of a dangerous cult, thought to be eradicated long ago. Through exploration of the unique, hand-painted world, completing the hundreds of available quests across dozens of NPC towns, and even building their own nations to compete on the world stage, players must make choices that affect their gameplay and reputation throughout Atlas and craft their own unique legacy!
Nations & Towns

With our custom nation and town system, you can establish civilizations around the custom world of Atlas. Create powerful Nations with countless Towns under your rule, climb the ranks of your peers, and see if you have what it takes to expand your influence!

Custom Terrain

Atlas contains 100% handmade, custom terrain! Explore the cold wastelands of the Drakon Isles, to the dense trees of the Zarakam Jungle! With their own biome-related materials and natural wonders, take the opportunity to explore and adventure into the unknown.

Take the fight to your enemies by declaring a siege on one of their strongholds. Blast through their walls and wreak havoc on their civilians and riches! With our custom-made siege system, you won’t have to worry about destroyed buildings or ravaged treasuries in the aftermath, for opponents will only gain a small percentage of the profit whilst the damages are reverted back.

Players may train in one of three schools of Magic on Atlas: Elemental, Holy, or Unholy. Each school of magic has its own unique array of spells, only available to mages who have studied in that type of spellcasting. All spells on Atlas are bound to Wands, which become unlocked for purchase from NPCs as players advance through their magic training. With your own wand, fight alongside your comrades or explore the world with magic at your fingertips.

Dynamic Economy

There are many available ways to gain commerce in the server, ranging from the smuggling of goods to the mastery of trade through merchant shops in Atlas’ fluctuating economy. Strategize using supply and demand to expand your wealth, or even spark economic warfare!

Custom Items
Create unique items through custom recipes and experimentation to gain powerful tools that can give you an edge in combat. Through custom skills like Tannery, Smeltery, and Fletchery, aid your teammates with an array of armor and weapons that have a variety of properties and abilities that can change the tides of war.

Expansive Lore & Quests

With dozens of NPC towns across Atlas, players can explore hours of expansive storylines and dynamic-branching dialogue options! The choices you make in action and conversation affect gameplay and your character's reputation throughout the world. Earn valuable rewards, including powerful and unique items, along with in-game titles throughout your journey! Craft your character’s legacy however you want!

Dedicated Staff
We have gathered a group of admins and moderators that are dedicated to their craft and will make sure to assist with any problems regarding the server. Feel free to ask them for any assistance as long as you follow the rules of the server and discord chat.

And Much More!

Get your companions involved in dungeons, gather unique fish from the depths of the water, drink your life away with alcoholic recipes, and many more features awaiting to be found!

Atlas Album

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01/17/2018 12:53 am
Level 20 Expert Network
Server update: The biggest one this year!
  • Trainable pets for all players and cosmetic options for donators!
  • Dungeons are back and we've got a new one. Drakonfell Prison!
  • A brand new report plugin so you can help fix problems faster!




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