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The Basement Nerds Minecraft Server

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created 12/30/2011 10:31 pm by Imm0rt41
Hey there. My name is Imm0rt41, and I run one of the most innovative server types ever. This innovative type of server is a server that is all servers. By this I mean we have pvp, vanilla, freebuild, rpg, voxel box, and many more. This is all done by way of our adaption of multi-worlds. I use permissions so intensely that each world is its own server. This is also done because we have 70+ plugins.

This server has been running since June, and during that time we have gotten about 10 dedicated players. We have never even surpassed 18 players at one time, the average being 4. I have spent 300+ dollars on my computer to make it run for this server, and my mom has upgraded our internet to 5mb upload and 30mb download so that I have the best connection possible for us. Please, I just want to get new players, so please join.

The owner, me, Imm0rt41, is also one of the greatest owners you will ever meet. I never let my emotions take control of my actions, and while I may type in caps (shout) at you, I will only ban if someone is being a jerk, mean, or purposely destroying the experience for other players. I am quite entertaining, and will often like to start small improv conversations with players. We also allow you to ask for moderator and admin, and there is no penalty for it except me getting angry because you might be asking a lot.

Also, it is important to read all signs you see in important looking places, because they are probably placed by me. I place signs everywhere to make sure that people know what to do so they don't need to ask questions.

Please join, because again, I have worked very hard on this server so that it is the best in the world. Please join, thank you, and the ip is
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