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The Globe Server (Hermitcraft Copy) You have to have enough skills to join this server! (Please read the whole thread)

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created 09/14/2018 9:11 am by xMoreMouthsx

The Globe server accepts everyone from all around the globe.

Greetings all,

My name is MoreMouths, and I would like to start a server just like hermit craft with dedicated players from all around. Of course not anyone can join this kind of server, as you have to be active, non-griefing and friendly. It is also very important that the kind of players that entered this server to be experienced and know the basics of minecraft.

Basic Rules:

For reference, the basic criteria to join this server is

1. Be friendly to everyone

2. No griefing

3. Join weekly meetings to plan the future of the server (Can ask for a few absences with proven reasons)

4. Contribute to the community

5. Understands basics of the game

6. Good at building/ Redstoning or any other Minecraft expertise

*If any of these criteria are not filled, you won't be able to join the server

*If found out anyone violates these criteria, they will be kicked, banned and even be spread their infamous name through this forum

Application form:

To apply for this Minecraft realm, please reply in the following format:

MC Name:


Specialities: (Building/ Redstone/etc) with proved picture or video

Skype contact:

The language you speak:

It would be unfair if you do not know my own criteria before joining the server, so I will write down my own application form here, for both reference and for you all to get to know who I am:

MC Name: MoreMouths

Age: 20

Specialities: (Building/ Redstone/etc) Building (photos below) and some redstone

Skype contact: MoreMouths

The language you speak: English, Cantonese

What is Next:[/b]

This application then be followed by an interview through skype call, and a series of things to prove you are good enough to join this minecraft realm.

Of course, we are not really youtubers, so we don't have to make a video every week or so. If it is proven that you are well-fit for the server, you will be whitelisted, and welcomed greatly. This is a secret sentence to see if you read all of the rules, if you have please add Survival, within the Specialities column of the form. It is important to know that I take this server very seriously, I hope you all are friendly.

The server will be starting in October, and I hope to see you all, and Good Luck!

Please be noted that rules and criterias can be changed from time to time.


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