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~The golden porkchop :)~ *PVP/FACTIONS*

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created 12/27/2012 11:37 am by NyanShot
Hey, a while back a couple friends and I were looking for a pvp/faction server, I searched and searched for a server, but I was having no luck, as I was about to give up on searching I found a really great server called the golden porkchop!

I did not create the server, I'm just playing for fun, and I'm trying to help it grow

Its currently quite small, so any pro faction players can easily set up a faction there.

The server has:
/sell hand (money)
/warp shop (for items, not all of them, just a good amount)
/warp wild (so you can start on making your base )
3 sethomes at the moment.
Voting for money daily (I think they are adding a couple diamonds as well)

I hope you join the server and we can chat, become allies or rivals (enemies ;p) and have a great time on the server!

The ip is:

Hope to see you there my friends and I hope you join so we can make the server more lively!
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