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The Tales of Acanem, [Minecraft Roleplay] Builders Needed! (Again)

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created 12/30/2019 2:20 am by TisBeXeno history
last reply 01/14/2020 6:54 pm
The Tales of Acanem, Builders Needed!

- Greetings! It's much appreciated that you've decided to take the time to read this post. -

We have posted here on PMC before, but after gaining some builders, sadly, activity is low and we have a large project here. It is both the Holiday Season and as well as time to crunch out classes, thus meaning it's hard for people to find the time to help out. Even though we already have a creative and excellent build team, we need more active builders!
The Tales of Acanem is a new and fresh roleplay server that hasn't quite opened just yet. Though, our team has done an incredible job at fleshing out the lore and we're working endlessly to craft a gorgeous and visually pleasing world for players to explore, we've got a team of Builders currently, but are not quite capable of providing an open schedule. Thus, this post is here to hopefully attract some talent as well as plenty of free time! We're not looking for Hypixel level styled builds, no no. But just aesthetically pleasing and decent building skills to fill our massive, expansive map that has been customly built in WorldPainter!

What is Tales of Acanem?
Glad you asked! As previously stated, Acanem is a Minecraft Roleplay server that heavily focuses on Medieval and Fantasy. The World of Acanem was created many, many years ago, letting rise to the empires and kingdoms of old that came and went along with the histories that took place within them. Scholars of this day were able to find records of the now settled world which takes place 378 years ago to this day. It was created through a melding of the outside planes that the creator gods had made. However, to what age that was is long lost to time and man. The age is now dubbed the Age of Exploration or A.E.

Acanem is filled to the brim with terrifying monsters and politics, giving room for both types of players. You can be the fearless adventurer who's managed to slay and bring down the toughest of beasts, reaping the rewards... Or you can be a successful ruler of one of the most powerful nations, the choice is yours. And if all else, no one's stopping you from being a quiet, quaint little shopkeeper. The choices are endless. We also are sticking with the classic main races such as: Humans, Dwarves, Elves, and Orcs. You will be able to submit an application in regards to introducing new races, but they will have to fit in with our world lore and not be outlandish.
We have a plethora of more lore located in our Discord, if you wish to view.

All in all, I'm hoping to find some dedicated builders who would also be interested in joining our community. But if you're not a builder but curious to join for when the future comes, feel free to be apart! We're not looking for any other Moderators just yet or anything of the sorts, but we're fully welcoming new Lorefolks, Beta Testers, General Members, and Builders! Because of this being a Roleplay server, we're not here to make a profit, just to have a grand time with fellow D&D lovers or general roleplay enthusiasts! So if you're looking to help build or help out in any way, please do not expect compensation via money but instead with a growing and loving community! I can already tell you, we're not even being paid to do this.
If you like to build Dwarven, Elven, or Orcish builds, you're absolutely welcome to join! We've got the human stuff essentially figured out.

If you're looking to join, please either contact me via messaging me privately on Planet Minecraft (If that's possible... Kinda new here!) or DM me on Discord: x૯Ո૦#4387 or just comment on this post! I will be checking it regularly.

Please provide at least 3 examples of previous Medieval Builds (Or any other builds, just be sure you're good at Medieval stuff) your Minecraft username, and your age! The server will be a 16+ server due to suggestive themes such as language, gore, alcohol, and possible drug use (tobacco and or any magical hallucinogens). Any and all sexual interactions are not to be acted out on the server.

Server Specifications:
Windows Java 1.14.4 PC

None, we do plan to add some cosmetic/fabric mods for player comfort but will not be necessary.

BetterChairs, Bookshelves, Citizens 2 +additional Citizens Plugins, dndDice, Dynmap, Essentials, Lores, LuckPerms, PlaceableItems, Shopkeepers, Vault, VoxelSniper, WorldEdit, WorldGuard.

Our goal is to hopefully finish building by mid to late February!


We were given permission to edit and add in our own twist to the texturepack as well, this way we're able to add in custom items and weapons for the server!

Map of the World:

Have some screenshots of the world so far!
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2 replies

01/09/2020 12:13 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Hey, I'm really interested by your idea and would love to help out where I can. I am a decent builder, lore make and generally helping form a healthy and active community. My discord is: Ollie#8553 I'd love to discuss things more on there <3 (I've looked through your photos too and really think the build style is great and has a perfect fantasy and medieval feel to it)
01/14/2020 6:54 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
You've been added! Apologies on the late response!
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