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NOW 1.7.2

A survival server based on The Walking Dead. Following is a partial guide to Walking Dead game play. Server has a nice staff keeping an eye on the server even when you don't know it. A decent sized player base that is (mostly) helpful to players. It's up 24/7, professionally hosted and has enough resources to not give server lag. Give it a try, you can always leave if you don't like it.

Navigation: Your compass can be used as a gps device. It does not teleport you there, it guides you to locations after you taught it the location. Read about how to use it at spawn, using it is key to success.

Zombies: Walkers just want to eat, as such their behavour reflects that. They will try to eat you, unless of course, there is an easier target. A corpse or fish are easier targets.

Corpse: If someone dies they leave a corpse, which the Zombies will be attracted to, since a dead body is easier to catch and eat than a running person.

Fish: If you have any fish "Zombie Bait" you can throw them (not drop them, throw them) and the zombies will be distracted giving you a chance to escape.

Disguise: Wear a Zombie disguise and act like a zombie: zombies are stupid, they will think you are a zombie. The disguise? a zombie head, but you must also carry rotten flesh in your hand to smell like one. How to act like a zombie? It's really common sense, don't run, don't open chests, don't mine, don't interact with the world at all. Just walk or sneak, both work just fine. Another key item to remember, you must smell like a zombie, water will get rid of that scent. No rain, no snow, no swimming.

Head Shots: Arrows and guns, aim for the head on zombies. MUCH more damage to zombies that way, slightly less head shot damage to players.

Supplies: You need supplies and there is a zombie problem, looting has been rampant, supplies are in short supply. There are places that clans have taken over and they will be more than happy to trade with you. In cities and other key locations are trading stations, trade with them to get what you need. The clans have better trades that the larger settlements. And all locations have places to loot, if you time it right. Currency? rotten flesh of course.

Guns, etc: There are guns, there are grenades, there is napalm. Read the gun description to find the ammo and power. Find the trading place to get the weapons and ammo. Again, head shots!

There is more, much of the game play has been based on Walking Dead, it is not the client modification that changes how Minecraft works, this is a server that keeps a lot of Minecraft intact but adds a layer.
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Great server <3
11/18/2013 11:06 am
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I'd like to hear what people think of the server. We get over a thousand logins per day...I'd like to hear from a couple people what they liked or disliked. I know the server style isn't for everyone (no server is for everyone) but if there is something specific that you liked, or something specific you disliked please let me know.


P.S. Don't say you don't like the server because the Admins won't give you op...actually do say that, it gives me a good laugh.




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