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created 04/30/2014 8:54 pm by aarock1234
TheChilledNetwork is a server combined with multiple types of other servers like factions, prisons, etc. The server also has a building team so it can help your server with builds or spawns and the build team is also looking for some members too but you will have to be a good builder to join. The server is also 24/7 so you can join anytime you want and you can sign up your server by asking the owner or applying it on the website on the server (The Website is on the server). I am also not the owner but a member of the build team.

The server ip is minecraftchilled.mcpro.co

Build Team: The hub of the server was build by the build team but I have recently join the build team but I have been playing for 3 months on the server. We are also looking for some more members to join the Team.

Signing your server up: You can sign up your server on the network and it will possibly make your server popular and make the network more popular, your server does not have to be a specific type of server and it can be any game type you want like factions, a hub, or a prison server even!
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