this mis a new server I give u op when u join :)

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TheMinecraftHub is a friendly server, it welcomes every person that joins, and has plenty of plugins. Here are the ones you may want to know:

WorldGuard,ChestShop,WorldEdit,Factions,GroupManager,Essentials, Custom plugin.








Trusted:Darkmarble6, mineovernutter, Ruppen7, Ragge0

Builder:None yet

If you want to buy Ranks and other goodies on the server, go to http://theminecrafthub.buycraft.net/

Remember, This server has rules, And you are expected to follow ALL of them correctly (Not following them may result in a ban or tempban, depending on the circumstances.) There are also warps. /warp wilderness or /warp will2,/warp will3 will get you to the areas you can build, but before you build you may want to create a faction. For help with that type /f. We have staff that will welcome you to the server upon joining.

If you need help with anything to do with: Griefing, Suspicious items, Help with general commands, Help with making a ChestShop, or more general stuff like that, ask a Moderator, Admin, Co-Owner, Op, or Owner for help.

Donators get Free creative and a large number of commands, we need donations to help keep the server up, If you can buy the rank donator, then we will be honoured to give you free access to creative, and many other commands,If you buy moderator, you get access to creative, and also a highly large amount of commands, So you can buy them now, I have put the link for buycraft above.

Meet you online!

-Staff of TheMinecraftHub
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