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Toxical ™ Looking For Professional Staff

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created 09/23/2018 5:07 pm by ThePickMC
Toxical ™ Looking For Professional Staff[/b]

About The Server:[/b] Toxical ™ will be an upcoming multi minigames network that will be like servers such as Mineplex ™ or Hypixel ™ . Right now we are transitioned into a Custom Factions server for a few reasons. One of them is to get a bigger budget from donations and other interesting way we can do so. We have a website being set up by XenForo. The server is dedicated with great RAM and CPU specs. At first we will have you sign a legal binding contract to protect your and our information. We have multiple staff positions open, that will all be listed below. Toxical is going to try and take a bigger approach towards the player. If you choose to join the team, you will be setting things up based on your role. The server is hosted by OVH/Kimsufi which provides us the will to make a Windows Server. A windows server allows us to access files of the server and the console. It will always be up and running as it is NOT home hosted.

Want More About OVH? Click Here!:

Positions Open:[/b]

Manager(1): Manager takes a different approach here on the network. What managers do is provide applications and accept and deny them. The manager is truly there to promote the server in any way possible while continually being there for staff members. The manager takes a fatherly approach to promote staff or demoting them due to good or bad reasons.

Administrator(4): Admins are usually the core of the server, they have a huge responsibility in doing configurations and helping out newer staff. The Admin usually takes an approach to be inside the files of the server and enforcing rules.

BUILDER(5): As Toxical already has a small build team we would like to continuously add on. We need builders that are going to build maps on minigames and Lobbies/Hubs/Spawns with major style.

Developer(2): At Toxical we already have a great dev working for us for free. He knows Java and hes is a nice guy! But he is not always active because he has a job outside of being our major Dev. The dev takes the approach to be in a team and creating game modes and an anti-cheat of our own for the server.

Contact Information:

Discord(FASTEST): LivingColour#7860
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