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☣ToxiCloud☣☣Need Staff!☣☣1.8.8-1.10 Compatible!☣

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created 11/30/2016 4:04 pm by stonehatch
Hello, I am one of the owners of Toxicloud, We are currently in need of staff!
We are a new server soon to become a network!
Before I tell you the IP let me tell you a little bit about the server!

Toxicloud is a brand new server which is hosted on a dedicated host in the us. We currently have 16gb of ram but only use 8 at the moment. Now to the part you wanna hear. We are currently in need of staff, we are currently looking for all staff but before you can apply you must play for at least 1 hour!
We have worked very hard to make you enjoy the server!
Please take into consideration if you see any bugs that we are currently in Beta Stages!
We have created a great amount of work for the community to be great!
We need Help to keep the community clean!
Thanks for reading and join the server IP below!

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