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-=-=Tritonal Skyblock PLEASE READ=-=-

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created 08/07/2017 9:33 pm by GhostsPlaysMC_YT
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About Me

So guys I'm Ap0thic0n or you can address me as Jason. I am a solo owner of a server called Tritonal Skyblock. I am 14 but I am a very mature person. I am funny at times but I take my role as seriously as possible. When it comes to business or even everyday activities I am a very serious person. I am not strict, although I do want members to be mature.

About Tritonal

Tritonal Skyblock is a multi purpose dedicated skyblock server that has a mission of bringing joy and happiness to the community. We want a serious staff team, so we have come to PMC in search of loyal and trusted members. The server is about 75% done. We have a discord, spawn, rank system and a few others. We are just missing kits and permissions.

Why Us?

First things first, I am not a multi million dollar person nor do I run a server like it. But you will be paid as a part of dedication when the server released. The reason you should choose us is because I know what it is like to apply, meaning your application doesn't have to be like a Harvard registration. I do expect you to try on your application but you should choose us because we are a trustworthy server. We want you to know that. It is the whole reason we made this post in the first place.


There are not many rules or guidelines. Take your time on your application, don't rush. We accept staff of all ages and we hope you are okay with that. That's pretty much it, no profanity and just take your time.

Applications and Information

Read this before applying. After your application has been reviewed we PM you the status of your application. You must note that we do in fact do interviews. Don't be shy, my voice isn't deep either The format is located below.

How can you help?:
What can you bring to the table:
(If Applying for builder Post links to work here if not leave it empty):
I promise not to copy off an applicants work even if it is longer than mine {Y/N}
I promise not to grief assault the owner or abuse my power as a staff member {Y/N}
I am okay with starting out as a helper {Y/N}
Working MIC {Y/N}


Discord: Ap0thic0n#4292
Skype: [email protected]
Server Discord: https://discord.gg/wQZ3mG
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08/08/2017 5:53 am
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