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Tropiland - Tropicraft Server!

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created 10/30/2012 1:59 pm by yoomx
Tropiland* is an Tropicraft minecraft server. Say welcome to the tropics.

You will need to download Tropicraft and all it's requirements.

Because most of the people want to keep vanilla minecraft too , they can use the Digiex Launcher!

Bored of the original minecraft? Wan't something new? It's time to do it... Go into the Tropic Realms , find cocounuts , amazing trees , falling leaves and over 100 new things. Come now , and have an amazing adventure**.

To get into the realm:

Get materials:
Coconut chunks (Break a coconut with a sword)
A pineapple
Wool (Possible colors are red, yellow, light blue, magenta and green)
Make a bamboo mug
Make a Pina Colada
Make a chair (Can be any of the previously listed colors)
Place the chair
At sunset, drink the Pina Coloda

NOTE: Teleporting INTO the realm is bugged and it's only available via the tutorial up there , but teleporting back to the world is possible via portals.
Server is currently under beta testing. It should become available in less than two weeks. Sorry for that

*=aka yoomx Server
**=server is premium only.
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