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created 11/24/2017 12:31 pm by NoSink
Hey there guys!

I'm Nusp, one of the current Admins of TurtlePVP. We are a new PVP and games network that has been revamped after quite some time. Currently, we are in need of regular moderation staff to assist us and prepare for the network release! Currently, we need either Helpers or Builders, but Builders are preferred. Here are some benefits to working on our team:

[+] Work with a great team, and help the network prosper
[+] As Helper, be able to punish rulebreakers and help keep the network clean and safe
[+] As Builder, have your work showcased to the public and even be used in some of our games or other features (You will receive all credit for your builds)
[+] Rather than us giving out 'free Admin', we have a promotion system that starts with Helper. Hard work and dedication earns you a promotion to Moderator. From there, we will offer promotions to higher up positions such as Sr. Mod or Admin if we need any assistance.
[+]We have a variety of teams Helpers and Moderators (and Bulders!) will be able to join if they would like to work in a certain part of the network (Discord Moderator, Forum Monitor, Report Management, Appeals Team, etc)
[+]In general, just have fun!

I'd love to explain a lot more of the perks and features this network has to offer, but due to the fact that we are still updating and upgrading the server, forums (and much more secret things!), I have to put a halt on that.

How To Apply

Interested in joining our Staff Team? Well, it's very easy! If you are interested in applying for Helper, you can do so at . Because of the fact that we need a few staff members to get off of the ground, interviews will not be required at this moment in time! So if you don't like talking or would rather not have a verbal interview, now's your chance to join our team! As for Builders, all you have to do is join our Discord server and message me on it, and we can get something going (no interview required). Currently, the server is whitelisted so only certain staff can join (Admin+, Builders, and a few moderation staff for the time being; We will have all staff testings before release to ensure that everything is working, but as of now we are only letting the staff we need onto the server).

Discord Server:

Joining this server is essential if you wish to join the staff team as it contains all information you will need as staff, as well as a direct way of communication amongst everyone. It's also where we will be revealing the IP for testing purposes.

If you have any further questions, feel free to message me or any other higher up you see! We hope to have this server up and running quite soon, and we won't be able to without some help. Thanks to anyone who reads this and we are looking forward to seeing some applications! :)
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