Ultra Hardcore 1-Month Tourny

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created 05/22/2019 11:55 pm by TheLastTrap
Hello, I'm Tarpiy (Tarp-E)
  I will be Hosting a Ultra Hardcore Tourny

How it works
  Teams of 2 start in Hardcore game mode, inside a limited play zone world (border)\
The First week PVP will be disabled (The Grace Period) After the week goes by PVP will be enabled, It's a survival of the fittest make sure not to damage your own teammates ;)

How Points Work
We will be giving rewards through points earned by playing the server and accomplishing tasks all while in hardcore and hunted by teams. New point challenges will be released per-week for week one these are the points you and your teammate can gather:
  +2 Points Per Kill
  +10 Points for first to kill Ender Dragon
  +5 Full Diamond Armor
  +5 Obtain a nether star

To join please add me on discord and say why you would like to join, and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Discord: Tarpiy#6491

Hardcore Test Server:
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