ObbyPvP 🗿 - NEED STAFF! [Developers,Builders,Admins, staff in general] APPLY HERE!!

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Hey! ObbyPvP needs some staff! Are willing to help out? Fill out the form and reply and you'll be ready!

Server Review: https://www.planetminecraft.com/server/obbypvp-creative-24-7-pvp-1-8-x/
Join through there.
IP: obbypvp.serv.nu

Personal Questions
What Is Your Age:

How Long Have You Been Playing Minecraft:

What Are You Good At:

How Long Will You Be On A Week:

Server Questions
Have You Ever Worked On A Server?

Have You Owned A Server Before?

How Long Have You Been Staff:

Have You Ever Been Banned On A Server For Greifing, etc: (Please Say What Banned You, If Any)

Trusting Questions
How Can we Trust You?

Why Should I Trust You?

Are You Very TrustWorthy?

Thanks for reading. Your application will be under review. Make sure to join our server for amazing minigames!

Ty <3
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