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Upcoming bending server: Indefinite

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created 05/15/2019 5:06 pm by Refrizor
last reply 05/15/2019 5:20 pm
Hey there! Welcome aboard. Lots of ideas and features packed up, so sit back in relax.

Indefinite is an upcoming server primarily based on bending for which contains lots and lots of other things. If you aren't familiar with bending, it is the term used to bend powers from the Avatar show; you can pick Water, Fire, Earth, or Air, and battle other players, battle monsters lurking around, use it and build an alliance, or use it to simply manipulate the world and also get around it - which is by land, water, or air.

Aside from the major bending aspect, there is also a bending arena to battle others in a closed in warzone, quests, 'custom/better' achievements, tasks or jobs to get more money, bounties, and a lot more ideas already in place (and that will be in place).

We are also experimenting with Duels - bending and non-bending! We, as the staff/development team, figured that it would be better to implement both options to offer a bending-induced taste.

The current idea is to make it safe as possible and disallow griefing. From various previous servers I hosted in the prior years, I have gained knowledge for that griefing does induce toxicity, and that is something that I would like to avoid at all costs. With this being said, you will have the popular-known plugin: LWC in your hands if you'd like to be extra-protective. Another idea that is currently implemented is WorldGuard, players can go get a region and if they feel safer- they can get bending in that region disabled.

Furthermore, lots of other ideas are being tested, such as a mini-games system implementation. However, it is being carefully discussed as faults in the server performance will kick back on us bigtime. This means with these ideas being tested, I will be carefully gathering up data and analytics on the server's performance to make well sure that the server has lots of breathing air to perform lots of tasks at once. Everything packed in to degrade the server's performance is something I'd hate to do, so nothing like this will be added if the final future stages don't pass the green light.

Are you interested in the development? If so, we have a website and a Discord community server.

Our server's website:
Discord community server:

I am taking great steps to offer a great server to play on. Taking community feedback is also important; if you're a fellow seasoned bending player, you can definitely use your experience if you want to take a step towards making the server better once it is out.

<- Other details ->

Server development duration:
It's been in development for a few years; however, I have changed the server's topic up many times, resetting a lot of the development course. I also learned to code with the server's development, so it greatly slowed everything down. But yes, it's been in development for a while.

How can you contact me?:
I don't use PMC really, so you can contact me through the Indefinite website (register and signup) and open a conversation with me, or you can DM me through Discord. However, I don't check Discord too much as I use it for a variety of things (platform-wise)!

What was the idea for bending?:
I've hosted many mini-game servers throughout the years, but it never hit the x. When I came across developers who started making plugins for the idea, I was immediately astounded! Lots of bending servers are going down, unfortunately, and I want to bring arise something great.
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