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[Recruitment] Upcoming CTP on FateMC network.

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created 04/30/2013 10:02 pm by Alex8121

Hey there guys! My name is Alex, and I'm currently the Main Server Management Admin for the FateMC network. We're currently staying strong and average about 40-60 players online during daytime, and we're currently working on a new server to open on the FateMC network. We've got a hired developer working on the custom plugin for this server, but we need additional members on our build team.

I know many of you like to see visual demonstrations instead, so here's a quick preview of our current maps.

Canyon (100% done)

Volcano (95% done)
[Please ignore the top of the volcano, we accidentally forgot to
remove fire-spread in the plugin, and the lava was burning the flag, and we
need to run our backups ]

Forest (75% done)


So as you can see, our maps have been progressing very well, and we're very close to opening the server. We've stumbled upon a problem though. Upon release of this server, we're planning on investing a large portion of money into advertisements and plan to reach about 80-100 players online at all times. Because of this, we're re-making all of our maps. These maps usually take us around 2-3 days to complete, and are pretty easy to make.

What we're looking for.

Now here's where you come in. Currently our expertise is in landscape (As you can see by the pictures), but we hardly have anyone that can get our actual buildings/bases done, etc. Landscaping usually takes around 12-16 hours to complete, but we're definitely struggling in actual structure-wise building. We're looking forward to hiring 2-3 builders that are able to build structures such as houses, flag points, mini-like castles, and anything involving capture-the-flag. We don't need any help landscape-wise, and we're only looking for builders who can build actual structures.

What's in it for me?

Upon server release, you will be given a [Builder] tag, representing your contribution to the FateMC network towards the CTP server. You will have several abilities aside from other players, and will be recognized as a helper towards the server creation. We can't offer much besides that, and we do not offer any staff position on our main raid server, as you won't be contributing to that server. Along with this, you'll be mentioned in the staff area in our main rank lobby.

Griefers, get out.

So obviously you guys are mostly mature, and can contribute to this project.. But there are some 9 year olds who want to grief. We maintain backups of all of our servers on our daemon every 4 hours, and griefing won't be tolerated. We trust all of you individuals, and just to fill out an application and grief is plain childish. (If you're uncertain of what a daemon is, it's a server node. We're currently associated with a hosting company that is also a part of the FateMC network, and all of our servers are hosted in a datacenter in New York. If curiousity got you, the company name is FatesHost.)

What is expected of me? Requirements?

Well, we are looking for experienced builders. Pardon to those who don't have quite the experience, but we'd like to make our server very visually-appealing and need experienced builders. We don't expect amazing work, but atleast some kind of creativity towards the builds is expected. Basically, what I'm trying to say is.. a regular block-shaped house won't do. You'll be able to come online whenever you'd like, and start on the building location. Most maps only have about 6-8 actual building locations besides the landscape, so there isn't much of a problem.


I may have over-exagerrated a bit on the "Experienced Builders" part, but if you think you've got what it takes, fill out this application We're looking forward to seeing all of yours, and hope we can atleast have one person to aid us on this project. As mentioned before, these builds do not have to be amazing, but something to co-operate with and be visually appealing.

(* = Needed)


Minecraft Name*:




(Expertise: Medieval, Sandy, Foresty, Modern, etc.)
Visual Work:

(Visual Work: Pictures, links, any type of work that
can show us your current standing.)

Average Online Time*:

Thank you to those that have filled out this application, we're looking forward to reading all of yours! If you'd like to talk to me, feel free to add: FatesHost.Support on Skype, but please fill this application before doing so.
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