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created 01/14/2020 10:14 pm by TNTGolem
Library Minecraft
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Library Minecraft is an upcoming Minecraft server which will collect the writings of other Minecraft players over the library's lifetime, such as stories, guides, or anything else you want to write about. Outside of the library's walls, it will be pure anarchy, not too unlike 2b2t or other anarchy experiences.

Donating books
To 'donate' a book to the library, there are two methods that we have established so far. The more straightforward but time-consuming approach is to copy the contents of the book into a text document and then send it to us (more info on that later). The other option is to share with us the playerdata .dat file from the world containing the book, with the book in the player's inventory. That way the book's NBT data can be copied directly over. This method can also be used to transfer a large number of books at once.

We accept books that have been written in the past or that you may be interested in writing for this project.

While we will take just about anything, there are some additional following guidelines:
- Books must not include colored characters or other features that normally aren't available when editing books. This kind of text formatting is reserved for labeling books and other administrative purposes.
- The book must be coherent (i.e it can't be just a bunch of random meaningless characters) and not overtly inappropriate.
- Can't take up excessive disk space; This would only be a concern if it uses excessive Chinese characters.
- As long as it follows the above rules, any topic is allowed; fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, sci-fi, etc. Virtually no limitations.
- No formal writing experience is necessary. Your book can be a short story, a poem, lyrics to a song, how to survive the apocalypse, a multi-book fiction series, anything.

Some other tentative guidelines and info about the rest of the server:
- The spawn will be the main library. Other users will be able to create their own with their own rules and whatnot.
- Libraries will be protected, but everything outside of them will be pure anarchy. No rules and hacked clients are allowed.
- Swearing in moderation will be tolerated, but slurs won't be.
- The world will never experience resets.
- Even though this server will be launched on 1.15.1, I went ahead and generated some terrain already using much older versions of Minecraft leading up to the latest version.
- There will be some kind of paid VIP to help pay for the server (paypal and crypto will be supported), however I'm planning on making it completely free for the first few days after launch. The server will *not* be pay to win, VIP will only grant users with some cosmetics plus some added abilities with libraries (I've not yet settled on the specifics here).
- Even in unofficial libraries, books that are designed to take up as much disk space as possible with no other purpose will be deleted.
- I encourage users to write their own books, but copies of real-life works will be accepted as well.

I have not yet launched the server, I plan on doing that in a week or so. I'm working to get an initial supply of books in so the library isn't empty when people begin joining it.

In this thread I will post updates and reply to questions or comments.

You can also join the official Discord server:
In the server there's a dedicated channel for requesting to add your own material to the library. If you don't have Discord, simply reply to this thread letting me know that you want to contribute a book. I'll reach out to you.
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