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Upcoming Network: Needs STAFF {All ranks} Lightning Skyblock

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created 01/09/2017 7:39 pm by LJK127AZ
Come on server and apply on mc forums or appy here: You need discord to apply:

To become staff on Lightning Skyblock, you will have to answer the following questions. What is your Age and IGN? What staff experience do you have?
How long did have you been playing Minecraft? Why do you want to become staff on our new server Lightning Skyblock? What could you do to help benefit our server? Why do you think we should pick you over other applications? Anything you would feel is Necessary for us to know? That is all you need to do to apply for staff, for Lightning Skyblock.

Builder: If you want to apply for builder, you must instead show us a build of your creation and then do a test build on our server. But, before you do that answer these questions. Age, IGN, Experience Building, What would you make for the server, and finally Anything else you feel is necessary.

Good luck Applying,
Lightning Skyblock



Staff Experience:

How Long Have You Been Playing Minecraft:

Why do you want staff:

Why should we pick you:

Anything Else:
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